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August 27, 2019

Friendships are almost always built around common interests. We make friends based on what activities we enjoy participating in, what we like to talk about, and what settings we gravitate towards. Taking some time to identify the interests that bring us joy in our lives individually is an essential first step in learning the social skill of finding common interests. Once we are aware of our own unique interests, we can build our social skills tool box by trading information with other people who share our interests. San Diego is full of unique locations, activities, and events to practice social skills by trading information with others and identifying common interests. 

1. The Beach 

With 70 miles of coastline, San Diego is a premiere location to explore the ocean, tidepools, and other coastal areas. Whether you enjoy swimming, snorkeling or diving, watching sunsets, or taking a long walk, the beach is a fantastic place to connect with others. San Diego is full of meet up groups with the ocean as a focal point. Practicing social skills by trading information with other people who share the same love for the ocean can be a great way to make friends with this common interest in mind. Trade information about sea life, the colors of the sunset, and the feelings of a sweet summer ocean breeze.

2.  Animals 

Animals are a great connector between people. Animals are a common interest that many people have, and can be a great talking point to practice the social skill of trading information. San Diego is full of places that cater to this common interest. From the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, the Birch Aquarium at Scripps, the California Wolf Center, and much much more. Talking about animals is an easy way to start a conversation and practice good social communication skills as we can trade information about favorite animals and animal behavior

3. Comic-Con

Comic-Con is an annual convention in San Diego that brings all sorts of people together. It is a convention for comic lovers, movie buffs, artists, and performers. Many of us might think that our interests are unique only to us, but we find conventions like comic-con that bring like minded people together. Trading information at San Diego events like these can lead to finding common interests with like minded people, and lead to lasting friendships. Practicing social skills in a context like Comic-Con San Diego can help, as people can trade information about favorite comic books, characters, movies, cosplay, and more.

4. Amusement Parks

San Diego is special in that we have SeaWorld and Legoland, and Disneyland only a quick drive away. Many people enjoy thrill rides, fun foods, and playing like a kid. Finding others that share in the joy of thrills year round can be a fantastic way to build friendships around a love for amusement parks. Trade information about your favorite rides, foods, and characters. Practice your social skills in San Diego by finding common interests with fellow amusement park lovers.

5. Outdoor Adventures

Soak up the sun in San Diego! With hiking trails throughout the county, and treasures like Balboa Park, having an outdoor adventure is something to be had all year long. There are hundreds of hiking meetup groups, and events all year long at San Diego parks and outdoor spaces. Practice  social communication skills by trading information about your favorite hikes, outdoor concerts, and local plants and animals with fellow nature lovers, hikers, and adventure enthusiasts. 

Friendships are all unique and special, and while not every friend will share every one of our interests, they may share one, two, or many. Taking the time to trade information, identify common interests, and make conversation and plans around these interests will make us great social communicators. San Diego is a wonderful place to identify our own unique interests, and trade information to find others who share our interests. While it may be easy to identify something on this list that speaks to you, it may be daunting to think about the specific way that you go about talking to someone who shares these common interests. If the thought of trading information and finding common interests sends you into panic mode, try practicing or role playing with a family member first. Or come practice with us! 

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